Ramadan For Kids: Personalized Study Plan

Welcome to a spiritually enriching Ramadan for your children. Our personalized study plan “Ramadan for kids” blends the essence of the holy month with engaging activities and customized content to nurture young minds. Perfect for Muslim families wishing to provide a memorable and educative experience for their children during Ramadan.

What Is Ramadan for Kids?

It’s essential for Muslims to understand how to prepare for Ramadan and to make the most of this sacred period. For kids, understanding and participating in Ramadan can help develop a deep appreciation for their faith and culture.  Ramadan for kids offers personalized study plan for students based on their age appropriation and Quranic proficiency level. This could include leaning Ramadan planning, memorizing targeted surahs, rules of fasting, night prayers, practicing Ramadan supplications along with Qaida or Quran lessons, to help students maximize their learning during the month. Our resources are designed to simplify these concepts and make them applicable and accessible to children of all ages. 

ramadan for kids

Why Choose Our ‘Ramadan for Kids’ Study Plan?

Our study plans are thoughtfully designed to encompass the spirit of Ramadan, blending religious teachings with fun and education. We believe in shaping a learning environment that resonates with kids and supports parents in their educational goals.

Tailored to Child’s Learning Pace: Each plan is customized to the child’s age and level of understanding, ensuring that the material is neither too easy nor too difficult.

Mix of Activities: From lessons to storytelling, our Ramadan activities are both fun and enlightening, keeping your children engaged throughout the month.

Educational Resources: Carefully selected Ramadan syllabus and other educational materials are included to reinforce learning and inculcate a love for the richness of Islamic traditions.

Interactive Learning: We believe in interactive education, so kids are encouraged to participate actively, ask questions, and explore the true essence of Ramadan through one-to-one class.

Distance Learning: To cater the busiest routines in Ramadan, it fulfills the need of the hours. Kids are encouraged to learn while sitting at home.

Ramadan Activities for Kids

Our Ramadan activities for kids are designed to engage and educate children about the holy month in a fun, interactive manner that resonates with Muslim families. We offer a variety of age-appropriate activities from Ramadan planning, practicing rules and engaging story-telling that explore its spiritual significance. Our aim is to provide a nurturing environment where children can learn about the values of Ramadan, partake in fasting and Iftaar and Suhoor tradition and most importantly, have a memorable time with these joyous activities. This plan include:

  • Ramadan planning
  • Targeted Quran reading
  • Memorizing targeted surahs
  • Memorizing supplications for Ramadan
  • Virtues and rules of fasting, (Taraweeh) night prayers and I’tikaf
  • Virtue of Night of Qadr
  • Important Islamic events in the month of Ramadan
  • Virtue of giving charity and tying your kinship in the month of Ramadan
  • Avoiding digital distraction


How it Works?

  1. Enroll with Ramadan for Kids: Enroll your child and share your expectations and timing slot with our specialist educators.
  1. Receive a Ramadan Study Plan: Get an age appropriated study plan, divided in three decades of Ramadan, to support your kid’s understanding of Ramadan.
  1. Enjoy Learning: Watch as your child engages with the materials and activities, fostering both their spiritual and intellectual growth.

  1. Track Progress: Receive regular updates on your child’s progress and areas they enjoy most.

Get Started with your Personalized Plan!

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