Basic Islam for Kids

A good brought up can give a good person to society. Therefore, it is said that the best gift which can be given by parents is education. It is the first and foremost duty of every Muslim to adorn his kids with the glaring teaching of Islam. We have offered different courses for Kids to Learn the Basics of Islamic Knowledge. In our Basic Islam Course for Kids, your kids can learn the following teachings of Islam from our qualified teachers.

Basic Pillars of Islam

In the basic pillars of Islam, we will teach and give all the necessary information to your kids. By seeing the performed practical, your kids will learn the exact method.

In basic Pillars of Islam, we will make the practice to our students of Salaah. Moreover, the importance of other pillars will also be enlightened in this course. Fast, Hajj, Zakat, and Faith will also be taught in this course.

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6 Kalmahs:

Besides from basic pillars of Islam, all the 6 Kalimahs with translation will also be memorized by Kids. Revision of all the Kalimahs has also been included in the course

Supplications (Dua’s):

Different types of supplications are also part of basic Islam for Kids course. Almost 20 Dua’s will also be learned by heart to the students. These Dua’s can be read in our daily routine life. For example Dua for sleeping, Dua for going to washroom, and Dua for eating food have enlisted for this course.

We can say that in this course there is a lot to know for your kids. Kids can explore Islam by joining the course.


Why Take Online Basics of Islam course?

Every kid needs to learn the basics of Islam and what better way is to learn through Knowledge Quran? Basics will lead you to an advanced course in the future. Our religion tells us what is wrong and what is right. It develops a person’s character at an early age. Kids born in today’s world have a lot of opportunities available to them because of the internet and new technical advances and applications introduced every once in a while. Everything is changing with time and we must change as well. Your child now can learn the basics of Islam using a simple device that has internet. Why don’t we take our mobile phones and laptops to good use that could also benefit our growing children?

Children are very curious and eager to learn everything about the world and what’s happening around them. Everything is a mystery to a child until the mystery is resolved. Knowledge Quran is the ultimate platform that will guide your child to where he belongs. The basic teaching of Islam will be taught online with every step explained fully.

This course will cover everything and your kid will love the learning process. Online courses allow your child to be comfortable and free at the same time. Knowledge is always available on the internet but people are always looking for the right platform and tutor to teach their children the basics of Islam. Knowledge Quran is here to serve your children with the knowledge of Islam. Our tutors are best at teaching and guiding a child. So what are you waiting for? Time to register and feel free of the burden. Let a professional do the job for you and your kid for sure will get the idea of Islam and its teachings.

How to Get Registered?

We keep our registration as simple as we can. The reason behind it is very simple, we want to make the process of Quran teaching easier for everyone. After observing the behavior and professionalism of our qualified team members in our free class session, you can go for online registration. We offer 3 days free class session, thereby, you can take a wise decision about your sacred mission.

Additionally, the outlines of our different courses have also been displayed in the courses section. You can visit and select your desired course of online Quran learning. Start Quran learning with us with an innovative method.

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