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Without any shred of doubt, it can be said that reading Quran-e-Majeed raises your degrees in front of Allah. Every Alphabet of the Quran is a blessing for people. However, reciting Quran-e-Pak with translation multiply the benefits of your small efforts. Moreover, it is essential for Muslims to learn the Quran with Translation, so that, they can understand what Allah wants to say in His Holy Book.

Here is good news for you. Knowledge Quran Centre offers the Quran translation Course with Translation. By attending this course, you will be able to understand the actual message of Allah, The Creator of the universe.

Our Teaching Methodology

The facilitation of our students is our first priority. With innovative and friendly techniques of our teaching make our Quran Translation course easy. By following methods, you will learn to Quran Translation without feeling burdened.

  • Daily Exercise of Arabic Words with English and Urdu Translation
  • Translation of 1 to 2 verses
  • Rigorous Revisions
  • Translation with a complete background of that Verse
  • Word by word Translation

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Learn Quran with tajweed

Our different Courses of Quran Translation:

We don’t want to force our students to register for the full Quran Translation course. After getting interested in learning Quran with Translation, we will recommend you to take part in the Quran Translation course.

Translation of Small Surah:

In this course, the Knowledge Quran Centre offers the translation of small surah of Quran-e-Pak. We have a complete module of different small surahs for translation courses. However, you can request to opt for your desired Surah Translation. This course will be beneficial for your Salaah (Prayers).


Online Quran Translation

Quran with translation is the ultimate way to get an understanding of what Allah wants to say to you. We provide you with a word-by-word translation that will help you grasp every concept when each verse is translated into Urdu or English. Our Online Quran translation course will be extremely beneficial to you as you would only need a laptop and an internet connection. Online methodology has been around for a long time and has been taken into good use lately. Due to the pandemic, many universities started giving online classes to students. We all know that going to some place to buy something and having it ordered and delivered to you are two different things. One involves your effort, and the other involves no effort and just a simple order. Knowledge Quran center has given you this opportunity to sit in the comfort of your home and learn the Quran with translation with our course online.

There is flexibility and comfort for you, and you will be guided by an experienced teacher. Every Surah will be translated for you and you will be given daily exercises with Arabic words translated into English or Urdu to keep you going on your holy journey. You will have the best online learning experience. Getting Quran translation online will help you be more attentive and there is always more attention to detail when you are in your comfort zone. You will be able to focus and become more passionate about learning when your skills start to improve.

Lengthy and Famous Surah Translation:

If you have built the interest in Quran with Translation by our small Surah courses then go for the translation of long surah. You will definitely enjoy the journey of this translation.

Full Quran Translation Course:

If you are passionate and willing to learn the full Quran with Translation, this course has been compiled for you. The time period for this course will probably be lengthy. Nevertheless, the time period for this course will be changed according to your passion and willingness. Knowledge Quran Centre is available for you 24/7 to make you satisfied in translation.

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